Harroway Whippets 



June 2024
Another Best Exhibit in Show for Cilla, Harroway Sublime under Mrs Dianne Lee

April 2024
Another Best Exhibit in Show for Harroway Sublime under NZ Judge, Mrs Shelley Walker

April 2024
Cilla, Ch Harroway Sublime, won Runner-up Best Exhibit at the Whippet Speciality show, under breed specialist Mrs Rolfe (NZ)


2023 was a fabulous year for Cilla, Ch Haroway Sublime, who lived up to her name.
Our friendly, vivacious girl won:

 * 5 x Best Exhibit in Show All Breeds
* 4 x Runner-Up Best Exhibit in Show
* 24 x Best Exhibit in Hound Group

She finished the 2023 Australian DogzOnline Pointscore as:

#1 Whippet Nationally
#1 Whippet Breed Challenge Winner Nationally
#1 Hound in Western Australia
#6 Hound Nationally
#3 Top Dog in Western Australia

October 2023
A stellar month for our young dog Harroway Sandstorm who has qualifed for this Championship title at just 7 months and 2 weeks old.
During October he has won multiple Best Exhibit in Groups, culminating in one Best Exhibit in Show and a Runner-Up Best Exhibit in Show.  This photo from his Puppy Class wins under a panel of judges from South Africa.

September 2023
Perth Royal Show - Perth Royal Spring Cup

Thrilled that our Cilla, Champion Harroway Sublime, was awarded Runner-Up Best Exhibit in Show under Mrs E Whitney from Canada.  An outstanding win for our special girl.

August 2023
Another special month for Cilla so far with 3 Group 1 wins, crowning one with a Best Exhibit in Show.

May June and July 2023
Cilla has continued to shine since the last update with judges appreciating her qualities and awarding numerous Best Exhibit in Hound Group wins, and a Runner-Up Best Exhibit in Show win.

April 2023 and Cilla has continued to be recognised winning 3 x Best Exhibit in Hound Groups, with another Best Exhibit in Show win.


Western Classic Weekend March 2023
We had fun at the Western Classic Weekend, with Cilla taking a Group 1 and Yasi winning 2 Minor in Show awards over the 3 nights, under a full International Panel of Judges.

24 February 2023

A Best Exhibit In Show win for Cilla, Ch Harroway Sublime, and a Minor Puppy In Show win for Yasi, Harroway Yours Truly, at the same event.

January 2023

The new year brings some nice results for our young girls.
Cilla, now Champion Harroway Sublime, has done well, winning Best In Groups and a Runner-Up Best Exhibit in Show early in February.
Young Yasi, after winning Baby in Show awards, has moved up to Puppy classes with In Show, In Group and Runner-Up Best of breed wins.

Harroway Sublime

Harroway Yours Truly


October 2022

Not many shows attended in the last months with other commitments; our Cilla, Harroway Sublime, doing quite well in her limited appearances during this time with Best of Breed and class in Group wins.

2 July 2022
Our young girl Cilla wins Best Of Breed from the Minor class and takes Runner-Up Best in Group under Hound Judge Mr John Binks.
Then wins Minor In Show under Judge Ms Roni Oma

29 May 2022
Our Fleur wins Open Show Dog 2021

Geraldton Kennel Club May 2022
Fleur, Ch Harroway Vanity Fair, wins 3 Hound Group firsts, 3 Class in Show and finished with a Runner-Up Best Exhibit in show.

And we qualified a new Champion.
Harroway Blame Game, Blade, won 2 dog challenges and a Runner-Up Best Exhibit in Group to his sister Fleur.

April 2022
Whippet Club of WA Inaugural Championship Show
Bitch Challenge and Runner-Up Best Exhibit in Show
Harroway Playing It My Way AI

April 2022

Danny, Ch Harroway Design Brief, is now a Supreme Champion.
Winner of 21 Best in Group awards under International and Australian Judges.
Rewarded for his effortless, long, low, sound movement.

A belated update to show events - many had been cancelled or reduced.
Fleur, Ch Vanity Fair, has enjoyed group wins, and on to a Runner-Up Best Exhibit in Show win.
Danny, Ch Harroway Design Brief, has won 2 groups firsts.


December 2021

Our last shows for 2021 were on the first weekend in December with great results.
Danny, Ch H Design Brief ended his year by winning the breed at both shows and winning Best in Group and Reserve in Group, with his kennel mate Ch H Vanity Fair taking both bitch Challenges.

1 November 2021

Not as many events as usual at this time of year as covid border restrictions continue to affect events.
But some nice results with H Design Brief and his young kennel mate H Vanity Fair continuing to do well, with Group Wins for them both, including Best In Group at Perth Royal for Danny.
And a nice win for H Silkn Touch taking Runner-Up in Group at the 2nd Perth Royal Show.


Danny moving for Best Exhibit in Group recently.

6 August 2021

Another different year, with COVID restrictions on and off, and many events cancelled.
A rewarding year to date nonetheless with new champions and some pleasing results.

Ch Harroway Design Brief has won mutiple awards including Runner-Up Best Exhibit in Show and multiple Best

Exhibit in Group wins.

Our newest Champion is Harroway Vanity Fair, to date a Best and Runner-Up Best Exhibit in Show winner, with mutiple Best In Group and class in show awards.

We welcomed our new imported boy, Arcon Love Game at Harroway Imp NZL, from Anita and Carol Henderson in NZ with many thanks for the opportunity.
This young dog has an outstanding temperament, with plenty of breed qualities and easy movement, and is slowly maturing whilst picking up group awards along the way.

14 November 2020
Our last event for the year and a nice way to end a very restricted showing season.
Fleur, Harroway Vanity Fair, wins puppy in show.

16 October 2020
Steven took a team to the 3 All Breeds Shows in Bunbury over the weekend, with much success.
Danny, Ch Harroway Design Brief was Best Exhibit in the hound group for 2 shows.
Aimee, Ch Harroway French Vanilla was Best Exhibit in the hound group at the 3rd show, and went on to win Runner-Up Best Exhibit in Show, under whippet enthusiast, Mr Andrew Beattie, Arbee whippets.
Young Fleur continued to shine, winning 2 x Minor In Show Awards.

3 October 2020
Time for our lovely Truly, Harroway Truly Madly Briefly, to shine.
After winning the breed, she went on to win Best Exhibit in the Hound ring and ultimately Runner-Up Best Exhibit in Show - Judge Mr Doug Bowe.
Mr Bowe also awarded our young girl Fleur, Harroway Vanity Fair, with Minor in Show at the same show.
These are ring shots from the day.


20 September 2020
At just their second outing our youngsters were recognised at the WA Kennel Club Open Shows.
Blade, Harroway Blame Game, won Runner-up Best Exhibit in Show.
His litter sister Fleur, Harroway Vanity Fair, outdid him by winning Best Exhibit In Show at the second show.
Pics of them on the move on the day.

5 September 2020
After an absence of events for 6 months, the first all breeds championship show was held this weekend.
Pleased to report that Aimee, Ch Harroway French Vanilla was awarded Best Exhibit in Group and our new youngsters enjoyed their first ever outing at 7 months old.

October & November 2019
Some more good results for our young show team leading up to Christmas
* Danny winning Best In Show at the Sighthound Open Show and another Best Exhibit in Group and Multiple Class In Show wins
*Truly winning 2 Puppy In Show Awards and 2 Runner-Up Hound Group Wins
*Our youngest Babies winning competitive baby whippet classes

12 October 2019
Danny, Ch Harroway Design Brief, wins:
* Hound Group 1st - Judge Mr T Watanabe (Japan)
* Best In Show 2 - Judge Mr J Wu (China)

2 October 2019 Perth Royal Show
*Dog Challenge to Neo - Harroway Night And Day
* Neo now has enough points for his Australian Champion title
*Reserve Bitch Challenge to Truly - Harroway Truly Madly Briefly
Judge Mr P Delerue (Portugal)

15 September 2019 Hound Club of WA under Mr Bryan Manglesdorf
* Best in Show* Ch Harroway Design Brief - Danny
*Best Minor In Show* Harroway Gift Wrapped - Gina
Reserve Dog CC Harroway Night and Day - Neo
Reserve Bitch CC Harroway Truly Madly Briefly - Truly

6 August 2019 We have enjoyed some lovely wins over the last couple of weekends.
Danny, Ch Harroway Design Brief won two Hound Group firsts.
Our 2 new baby girls, Gina and Bella, have both won a Baby In Show award.
And Neo, Harroway Night And Day, has won a Hound Group and Puppy In Show, at under 8 months old, and is well on his way to his title.

15 July 2019 After some quiet weeks doing other things, we enjoyed a weekend in the sun with our whippet kids.
The star of the weekend was young Neo, Harroway Night And Day, winning a competitive Best of Breed and puppy in Group under Canadian judge, Mr Stephen Dainard.

10 June 2019 A pleasing couple of weekends with Danny, Harroway Design Brief,  winning 2 Best Exhibit in Hound Groups and qualifying to apply for his Championship.
Young half sister Truly, Harroway Truly Madly Briefly won a Baby In Show, and Aimee, Ch Harroway French Vanilla won a State Bred In Show.

May 2019 6th Whippet National, Whippet & Greyhound Club of SA, Adelaide
Our baby boy Neo won the baby dog class from a lovely line-up of 14 baby dogs, and went on to win Opposite Baby In Show under Miss Felicity Thompson, Barnesmore Whippets, Ireland.

Danny, Harroway Design Brief was 3rd in the Puppy Dog class.

Very proud of our young boys.

April 2019

A nice debut for our new youngsters with Neo, Harroway Night And Day winning Baby In Show at the Hound Club Championship show.

January to March 2019

Some nice results for the team at our first shows for the year so far.
Our new young dog Danny, Harroway Design Brief, has had success as a youngster with Runner-Up Best in Group Wins, multiple Class in show wins and nearly half way to his title at only just over 7 months.
And Aimee, Ch Harroway French Vanilla, has shown her consistency, winning the breed on several occasions, with Group and In-Show wins.
We look forward to the show year with some youngsters waiting in the wings to join in.

End 2018

Another succesful year for Harroway Whippets with:

#2 Whippet Breeder of the Year nationally - DogzOnline pointscore
3 new Champions - one not included in the pointscore
Ben, Ch Harroway Brief Encounter taking out best male show whippet on whippet show dog and breed challenges, and finishing 2nd in the Rising Star Competition - Dogzonline
Aimee, Ch Harroway French Vanilla also featured in the same competitions, finishing 4th in Rising Star behind her brother Ben and a creditable #16 in whippet show dog of the year
Star of the kennel was Champion Harroway In Fashion - shown by Julie Bastin-Byrne in Queensland to her Supreme Championship, winning more Best Exhibit and Reserve Best Exhibit in Show awards along the way. 

December 2018

Not many shows at the end of the year but had some youngsters debut who won Best Baby In Show at both Shows in Albany.
Thrilled to win Best Exhibit Hound and State Bred In Show under whippet enthusiasts Ms Ann Robert and Mr Andrew Beattie of Arbee whippets, with Aimee, Ch Harroway French Vanilla.

October/November 2018
Ben continues to shine consistently taking the Dog Challenge and multiple Best of Breed Wins
Runner-Up Best In Show at the Sighthound Club of WA under Hound Specialist, Mr Paul Britza
This moving shot taken at a recent show highlighting his balanced side gait and shape on the move.

August/September 2018  Some more success in the show ring.
In Queensland, Supreme Champion Harroway In Fashion finished her show year with a Runner-Up Best in Show win - another fabulous year for her.
At home, Ben and Aimee continued to shine with Group and Class In Show wins.
Ch Harroway Playboy came out for Perth Royal and won the dog challenge and Runner-Up Best of Breed under a Finnish judge.
And we welcomed our next generation of Harroway Whippets with Miley having 8 lovely bubs to our own Ben, Ch Harroway Brief Encounter

June/July 2018 Some very nice wins during the last two months.
Ben and Aimee have continued to shine with In Group and In Show wins.
Fern, Ch Harroway Playing Fair, came out for the 1st FCI show in Perth, and won CACIB, Best of Breed and Group 3 under Ms Tye (Phillipines) - thrilled to win the first Bitch CACIB for whippets in Perth - here is Fern moving in the ring that night.

06/05/2018 Young Aimee, Harroway French Vanilla, won the points to apply for Australian Champion when she won Runner-Up Best Exhibit and then Best Exhibit at the Sighthound Club of WA Championship Shows under 2 Sighthound Judges, Mr John Palmer and Mr Milan Curk.  We are thrilled to have a new Harroway Champion at just 12 months and 3 days old.

27/04/2018 Today Ben, Ch Harroway Brief Encounter, won Runner-Up Best Hound Exhibit under Mrs L Harris from New Zealand.

25/04/2018 After paying our respects on ANZAC day, we were pleased to win Best Exhibit in the Hound Club with Aimee, Harroway French Vanilla under former whippet exhibitor Mrs Natalie Boekelman.

7/4/2018 Under Ms L Walker, Aimee, Harroway French Vanilla, won Best of Breed and State Bred in Group, and her sister Mia, Harroway Quicksilver, won Reserve Challenge Bitch and went through to win Puppy In Show under Mr Doug Bowe.

25/3/2018 Today Ben, Ch Harroway Brief Encounter, won Runner-Up Best Exhibit in Show under Mr John Burgess (Qld) and his litter sister Aimee, Harroway French Vanilla won Puppy In Show - the second time they have taken a class in Show at the same show.

4/3/2018 Western Classic Show and Luis, Harroway Luis Morais, wins Best of Breed from the Minor class and goes on to win Group 3rd under Ms Mike Macbath from Canada. Lovely win for such a young dog.

23/02/201 A new Harroway Champion today with Ben, Harroway Brief Encounter, winning dog challenge to complete his title and going on to Junior In Show.

12/02/2018 Just two weekends of shows this year so far, with pleasing results.
Multiple Class in Show awards for litter mates Ben and Mia, with Ben doing very well towards his Title.

17/12/2017 Our last show of the year with just the youngsters entered and Aimee shone again, winning Runner-Up Best of Breed from the Minor Class and winning through to Minor in Show, a lovely way to finish the year.

12/12/2017 Some fabulous results for our team over the last couple of weeks with Fern qualifying for her title by winning back-to-back Best Exhibit In Groups last weekend under whippet specialists Ms A Meyn and Mr Bill Mooney.
And our youngsters have shone with Ben winning Dog Challenges and his class in group, along with young Aimee.
This photo shows a special day in which they both won their Class in Show at the same event.

12/11/2017 Whippet Club of WA Open Show where Aimee won Best In Show from the Puppy Class.

4-5/11/2017 Steven had the youngsters out over the weekend while I was away Judging.
They all showed well with the star being Aimee, Harroway French Vanilla, who won Minor In Show at only her 2nd show.

28-29/10/2017 We drove to Geraldton to support the Club shows there and were not disappointed with the results.
Rex, Ch Harroway Playboy took the dog cc both days and won the Hound Group unders Mrs Packer.  His siter Miley, Harroway Playing it My Way took the Bitch CC and runner-up Best of Breed.
At the second show Fern, Harroway Playing Fair went through to win State Bred In Show.

14/10/2017 Today, Fern, Harroway Playing Fair won Best Exhibit in the Hound Group, with her brother Rex, Ch H Playboy winning the Dog Challenge.  Judge Mrs K McIntyre (NZ).  The day before Fern won State Bred In Show under Mrs M McKenzie (NZ).

 24/09/2017 Perth Royal Show results were pleasing. Rex, Ch Harroway Playboy, was Challenge Dog and Runner-Up Best of Breed, whilst his sister Miley, Ch Harroway Playing It My Way, was Reserve Challenge Bitch.  Very pleased with their consistent performance.  Judge Mr Luis Catalan (Portugal).

17/09/2017 Hound Club of WA, Miley, Harroway Playing It My Way, went Runner-Up Best Exhibit In Show, and young Aimee, Harroway French Vanilla, won Baby In Show on her first outing.  Judge hound specialist Mr Grant Gibson (NSW).

12/08/2017 At the inaugural Celebration of the Best young Rex, Ch Harroway Playboy, qualified for the Puppy competition.  Under a panel of International judges he finished in the Final Top 10 in strong company.  Thrilled with our young dog.

16/7/2017 Under judges from Ireland and Chile this weekend, our boy Rex, Ch Harroway Playboy, came out to show and took both Dog Challenges in good company.  His younger half sister Carrie shone again winning Minor in Group at both shows, going on to win Minor in Show under Mrs Muldoon (Ireland).

24 June 2017 Such a thrill to win Best Exhibit in the Hound group with our 7 month old girl Carrie, Harroway Careless Whisper, who went on to take out Minor in Show, under Miss Rosemary Green.

28 May 2017 Thrilled today when young Miley, H Playing It My Way, won Best Exhibit in Show under whippet specialist Mr Bob Beattie of Arbee Whippets.

7 May 2017  At the Sighthound Club show young Carrie, H Careless Whisper, wins Baby In Show with her older half-sister Miley, H Playing It My Way, winning Junior in Show.  Photo of young Carrie taken recently.

April 2017  Such a thrill to judge Sweepstakes at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

1 April 2017 On a lovely Perth day Steven handled our Miley, H Playing It My Way, though to Junior in Show, after she had won Runner-Up Best of Breed.

March 2017 Another good win for Harroway Playing Fair with Fern winning a strong best of breed and Group 2 at the Western Classic under Mr Peddie (Canada)

January 2017 Judged in Japan for the Chiba Block Kennel Club - a very enjoyable experience.

December 2016. At our last show for the year on 11 December, our young Fern shone again winning Runner-Up Best of Breed and going all the way to State Bred In Show - this photo from an earlier show.

20/10/2016 A surprise judging appointment in Queensland when another overseas judge was unable to make the event.  Dog & Puppy Of The Year 2016

9/10/2016 Just one day short of 9 months old young Rex, Harroway Playboy, won Best Exhibit in the Hound Group and earned enough points to qualify for his Australian Champion Title. This photo taken 2 weeks later.

05/10/2016 More great news from Queensland with Harroway In Fashion taking out a Best In Show and Reserve Best in Show last weekend. 

19/09/2016 Steven returned to the ring with two of our youngsters with both taking out a Challenge over 2 shows.  Fern won Minor In Show at the first show, with Rex taking Puppy In Show on the second day.

28/8/2016 Whilst we are having a break from showing in Perth, Julie in Queensland has enjoyed success with the beautiful Pookie, Ch Harroway In Fashion, winning 3 Best Exhibit in Shows and 1 Reserve In Show, and multiple Group and Reserve in Group Awards at recent shows.


24/07/2016 Some more great results for our young boy Rex this weekend, winning both Dog Challenges, 2 more puppy in Groups, and another Puppy In Show.

19/7/2016 Great results for our young boy Rex, Harroway Playboy AI, over the last two weekends winning Baby in Show at has last eligible show as a baby, then the next weekend winning 2 Dog Challenges against older company, with 2 x Puppy In Groups - one going on to Puppy In Show.

24/05/2016 A late update on the past couple of months.
Enjoyed a judging trip to the city of Weifang, China, where I was pleased to award this lovely border collie Best In Show.

The baby puppies have all had one show outing at least with H Playboy, H Playing By Hear and H Playing It My Way each winning Baby in Group awards.  Miley, H Playing It My Way (pictured below) has won a Baby In Show award.

H In Fashion has had a great start to the show season in North Queensland for Julie, winning Best In Groups and a Best in Show.

Liza has continued with some success - Best In Group wins and a Runner-Up Best in Show recently.


29/03/2016 It has been quiet for us in the show ring last few times out.
But Liza, Champion H Cabaret, made up for it over Easter by taking a trifecta of Best Exhibit in the Hound Group over 3 days, with her litter brother H West Side Story taking all 3 dog challenges. 

23/02/2016 A quiet start to the year with a mix of shows and judging commitments.
This lovely moving shot of Liza at a recent show.

1/01/2016 2015 was a fulfilling year:
 Two whippets won their titles - Ch H Cabaret and Ch H Encore with H West Side Story close to finishing
Two Best Exhibit in Show Winners - Ch H Cabaret and H West Side Story
3 whippets in the Dogzonline National Top 10 Whippet Rising Star competition
Multiple Class In Show, Best in Group and In Group awards won during the year

31/12/2015 A quiet finish to 2015 for us with just one show in early December where Liza was Best of Breed and puppy in group.

15/11/2015 Another Champion for Harroway with Errol, Harroway Encore, getting the last points to qualify him for his championship this weekend, joining his litter mate Liza, Harroway Cabaret, who has also qualified for her championship title.
This weekend Liza continued to shine winning Runner-Up Best In Group at the first show, and Puppy in Show at the seond show.

7/11/2015 Another lovely show with Liza, Harroway Cabaret, winning best of breed and Runner-Up Best Exhibit in Show at the Sighthound and Italian Greyhound Club show.  This photo taken the previous week.

1/11/2015 Great results today with Liza, Harroway Cabaret, winning the breed and going all the way to win Best Exhibit in Show, at not yet 11 months old.  Her brother Ritchie, H West Side Story also won the Dog Challenge.

19/10/2015 Some good results over the last couple of weeks for H Cabaret, H Encore and H West Side Story, H Fashion Model and H Fashion Statement, winning points towards their titles, and class in Group and In Show awards.
Below is a photo of the lovely Dolly, H Fashion Model, in Queensland where she recently won a Best Of Breed in strong company.


30/09/2015 Away overseas for 5 weeks which included judging assignments in Denmark and China.
Whilst away the youngsters continued to do well with Steven, with Harroway Encore and H Cabaret both winning more points towards their titles.
Errol, Harroway Encore, has done particularly well, winning class in show awards.
Three youngsters travelled to Melbourne with Steven and were shown at the Victorian Whippet Specialty and Melbourne Royal.  The two boys, H Encore and H West Side Story both placed at the two shows in large entries.

Judging at National Show, Varde, Denmark

15/08/2015 Young Errol was again Dog Challenge winner today, but his sister Liza, Harroway Cabaret was Bitch Challenge and Best of Breed and went on to win Minor In Show.

2/08/2015 Errol, Harroway Encore, won Best Exhibiti in Group today from the Puppy class under Miss B Warman from New Zealand.
His sister, Harroway Cabaret, was Reserve Challenge Bitch and Minor In Group.

1/8/2015 Errol, Harroway Encore wins Best of Breed and Puppy in Group under Ms G Johnston from New Zealand, with his brother Harroway West Side Story winning Reserve Challenge Dog and Minor In Group.
Their sister, Harroway Cabaret, was Challenge Bitch.

25/7/2015 Another pleasing show.
2 youngsters shown. Harroway Encore, challenge dog, runner-up best of breed and Group 2 from the Minor class.
His sister, Harroway Cabaret, was reserve challenge bitch and best puppy in group.

13/7/2015 Some very pleasing wins for our youngsters over the last 3 weeks.
Harroway West Side Story has continued to impress with Puppy In Show and Group awards.
Harroway Encore won another Puppy In Show award.
Both Harroway Cabaret and Harroway Rhapsody have won Class In Group awards.
All four puppies have their first points towards their championship titles, and have also won Reserve Challenges in strong competition.

27/06/2015 What a thrill.  Young Ritchie, Harroway West Side Story, wins Best Exhibit in Show.
His brother Errol, Harroway Encore, wins Puppy In Show.

22/06/2015 Flirt has puppies, sired by Ch Harroway Explanation.

21/06/2015 At just 6 months and 3 days old young Errol, Harroway Encore, entered the puppy class and won the Dog Challenge and Runner-Up Best of Breed from adult competition under hound judge Mrs P Hewitt.
His sister Liza, Harroway Cabaret, won Reserve Challenge Bitch from the Minor Class and minor in group under the same judge.

24/5/5015 Not to be outdone by his brother Ritchie, Harroway West Side Story, goes Baby in Show under Andrew Beattie, Arbee Whippets.

11/05/2015 A few nice wins for Harroway Youngsters in the last couple of weeks.
Harroway In Fashion has won Reserve Baby In Show and multiple Baby In Group awards for Julie in Queensland.
And, back at home Errol, Harroway Encore, won Baby In Show at his second outing.


17/04/2015 Great news from Tasmania from Michelle Booth that Dexter, Harroway Speculation, has qualified for his title. Congratulations to Michelle.

30/3 - 2/4/15 Attended the 4th Whippet National in Sydney - no placings for us but very pleased with how the whippets performed/

A very quiet start to the New Year with only a few shows attended to date and we have enjoyed some judging assignments in Perth and Brisbane.

November 2014 Whilst I was overseas, Steven got to a few shows with the lovely Ch Harroway Fascination winning a Best of Breed under an International Judge, and young Harroway Intangible picking up his first Challenge Points.

November 2014  Enjoyed a judging trip to Jakarta, Indonesia, joining a panel of International Judges to judge at the 1st FCI APAC Show in Indonesia. 


2/10/2014 The lovely Honey, Ch Harroway Fascination, wins Runner-Up Best of Breed at Perth Royal, pictured here effortlessy moving across the ring on the day.

24/09/2014 A succesful trip to Melbourne for the Whippet Association of Victoria specialty show and Melbourne Royal.
Young Indy, Harroway Indelible, handled the journey and change of scene well, placing 3rd in baby dog at the specialty and 2nd in baby dog at the Royal.
Bling, Ch Byerley Bling, placed 5th in a class of 33 Australian Bred bitches at the Specialty, and was cut in the final 6 in the same class at the Royal. 
Placing at the whippet specialty under Viv Coulter of Colloney whippets in an entry of 174 was very pleasing as was Melbourne Royal where whippets were the biggest breed entry.

15/09/2014 Lovely day at the Hound Club of Western Australia show with Honey, Ch Harroway Fascination, winning Best of Breed and going on to take out Runner-Up Best in Show (Show 2) under breeder/judge Mr Ray Barter of Satang.
Her young kennel mate Indy, Harroway Indelible, took out Best baby whippet from an entry of 10 babies.
And Indy's sister Tina, Harroway Captivation, took out Best Baby in the Hound Club open show from an entry of 7, and went on to win Baby In Show.


Ch Harroway Fascination

03/09/2014 After a short break from the show ring for travel and judging commitments we returned today and Indy, Harroway Indelible, won Baby of Breed and Baby in Group again, Judge Mrs Sue Monk.
At the same show Honey, Ch Harroway Fascination, was Best of Breed.

12/07/2014 At the Winter Festival show under Mr Vretenicic of Montenegro Ch Byerley Bling was Best of Breed in a strong entry.
On his first outing baby Indy, Harroway Indelible, was Baby of Breed and went on to win Baby of Group.

29/06/2014 This weekend Honey again took out Intermediate in Group at both Champsionship shows.

22/6/2014 Honey repeats her win from the previous day going Intermediate in show under judges Ms Maree Patten (Specials) and Mr Norm Strathdee (Group).

21/06/2014 Honey wins Intermediate In Show today under judges Mr P Martin (Specials) and Mrs U Greenwood (Group).

31/05/2014 The lovely Ch Harroway Fascination, Honey, returned to Perth and on her first weekend out won a very nice Best of Breed under breeder/judge Mrs
Toni Comerford.

26/05/2014 Some pleasing wins for Ch Byerley Bling recently:
Best in Show - Open Show - early April
Runner-Up Best in Group under whippet specialist Mrs Noreen Harris (Bonnymead whippets) 10 May 2014
Runner-up Best in Group and Australian Bred in show uner whippet specalist Mr Robert Beattie (Arbee whippets) 25 May 2014


Champion Byerley Bling

05/05/2013  A pleasant day out at the Sighthound & Italian Greyhound Club of WA.
Ch Byerley Bling won Runner-up Best of Breed and her class in show, along with Ch Ondee Lakme who won Junior in Show.  Judge Mrs Anu Lummevaara.

In the afternoon we supported the Open Show for the Trainee Judges scheme where Ch Ondeen Lakme was chosen for Best in Show, with Ch Byerley Bling winning her Class in show.

22/4/2013 A good weekend for the whippets with some nice results.
In Perth, Ch Harroway Reflection was RUBOB and Runner-Up Best in Group on Saturday, with Ch Ondeen Lakme taking out Junior in Group.
Denise Tuck showed Ch Harroway Explanation to Best Exhibit in Group on Sunday.
In Queensland, Julie Bastin-Byrne showed young Harroway Flirtation to take out Best in Group and Junior in Show at two shows.

 23/3/2014 Today Bess, Ch Harrowa Reflection, won Best of Breed, with her younger brother Trade, Ch Harroway Tradition, winning Runner-Up Best of Breed.  Not to be outdone, Selene, Ch Ondeen Lakme won Junior in Group in a nice line-up of youngsters.

3/3/2014 After a break from the ring, Ch Harroway Tradition, Trade, came out for the Western Classic winning the dog challenge, runner-up best of breed and open in group under Mrs H Glendinning, Canada.

18/02/2014 Flirt, Harroway Flirtation, has joined her litter brother Bally in Queensland to be campaigned by Julie Bastin-Byrne.

 16/02/2014 A great weekend for Selene winning Best in Group one day and Runner-up Best in Group on day 2, well done Steven.  Selene is now qualified to apply for her Australian Champion title.

 27/01/2014 Our first shows for the year.
Young Selene, Ondeen Lakme, won 2 Best of Breeds and is now close to her title.

19/01/2014 Enjoyed Judging this last weekend for the Burnett Kennel Club in Queensland - a well run event, thanks to the hard working committee, and it was a pleasure to judge so many nice dogs.

15/1/2014  Our youngster Selene finished just 7 months of showing in 2013 with the following awards in the Dogzonline Pointscore:

#2 National Rising Star Whippet 2013
#1 Rising Star Hound for Western Australia 2013
#8 Rising Star All Breeds for Western Australia 2013

With multiple Class in Show and Class in Group wins

1/1/2014 2013 was a fulfilling year:

6 Whippets won their Australian Champion Titles:
Ch Harroway Reflection, Ch Harroway Fascination, Ch Harroway Tradition and Ch Harroway Fashion Label
Ch Ronndal Moonlite - the first Australian Champion for Ronndal
Ch Argowan Wyte Nyte

Our whippets were awarded numerous Best In Groups, Runner-up In Groups, In Show awards and In Group Awards

Our young Ondeen Lakme finished as #2 Rising Star Whippet (as per Dogzonline pointscore) and was #1 Rising Star Hound in Western Australia in the same competition.
In that competition Harroway Whippets finished 9th 10th 12th 16th and 21st.

Our warm thanks to Julie Bastin-Byrne for campaigning our dogs so well in Queensland.

During the year I was also privileged to judge in Australia as well as New Zealand and China.

As we reflect on the year just gone, we look forward to seeing what a new year brings.

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Pamela Campbell
Perth, WA, Australia
Email : [email protected]

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